The KF4JVI Solar Powered Repeater

This repeater is currently off line
for routine maintenance.

145.330 Neg. Offset with a PL Tone of 91.5 Hz

The KF4JVI Repeater is an open repeater however SERA Repeater Association has requested that all repeaters in the SE USA be tone controlled, thus the frequency is 145.330 with a minus offset and PL tone of 91.5 Hz.

The KF4JVI Repeater is solar powered. We have been on Solar Power since Oct. 1998.

For those that are planning to build a Solar Site, it is suggested that you consider researching this project out very carefully. All of the equipment used in this site is no longer available as shown but has been modified and improved to the new standards of today. Some of the products have been phased out and other updated. The concept is none the less the same. Remember that winter time is critical. Make sure that your site has at least 6 hours of full sun each day. Otherwise the batteries will never totally recover from the previous night and days operation. The controller will end up shutting down your site till the minimum voltage comes back up on the batteries. Another option is to use the solar system as a standby / backup power source when the power is lost for an extend period of time switching to battery power and putting your equipment on a lower RF output power level to conserve the batteries.

Our Repeater is located on a mountain top near Tryon, NC on the NC / SC State Line. Tryon, NC may be found on the map between Spartanburg SC and Asheville NC just west of Interstate I-26 at the state line of NC / SC.

This is a local area coverage repeater covering Polk County, NC, a portion of Rutherford County and the Upper Area of Spartanburg and Greenville Counties of SC.

KV4AL ~ Robin Michael
Repeater Custodian

K4AVR ~ Mac Cullom
Assistant Custodian

KF4RVQ ~ Dan Moranz
Solar Power Custodian

There is additional text for each picture on the full size
photo which is access by clicking on the thumb picture.

solar.gif (13979 bytes)

Our Solar Panels Array using 4 panels
to produce approx. 10 amps DC at 12.6 Volts under full sun.

outside05.gif (17965 bytes) outside06.gif (16679 bytes)

This is showing the wiring and the junction box.
Proper grounding of the equipment allows it to live through electrical storms

outside03.gif (14107 bytes) outside04.gif (12217 bytes)

Description of Our Solar Panels Array

Four Semiens M55 Solar Panels are connected in Parallel.
Each Panel Produces 55 watts of 12.6 volt electricity at 3.5 amperage.
Connected in Parallel, the four panels produce a maximum
electrical charging output of 12.6 volts at 14 amps.
Remember that this is 1998 technology.

If on an average of only four hours of direct sunlight per day,
this will give us approximately 56 amp hours of battery charge daily.

Solar Controller

All of the pictures below are 200K or larger to provide very fine detail.

Ananda Power Technologies Solar Controller.

The solar controller automatically regulates the charge to the battery bank.
This provides an automatic float charging or disconnect of the
Solar panels when the battery bank reaches full charging capacity.
The Controller Box also provides the circuit breakers to isolate the
Radio, Batteries, and solar panels.

Below is the controller panel for the battery pack.

pannel06.gif (15857 bytes) pannel07.gif (13446 bytes)
pannel08.gif (12531 bytes) pannel09.gif (12854 bytes)

Photo below is the fusing for the battery pack.
Below that is a sub controller for aux power if necessary

pannel10.gif (13214 bytes)

The Battery Bank

The Battery Bank consist of four Deka Gel Packs
12.6 volt at 220 amp hour per battery.

These batteries are all connected in parallel.
This provides about 900 amp hours of electrical storage at 12.6 volts.

This storage capacity should power the KF4JVI radio repeater for approximately
8 days with out any additional charging form the solar panels.

batterypack01.gif (13395 bytes) batterypack02.gif (14016 bytes)



ant1.gif (6490 bytes) ant3.gif (8143 bytes) ant2.gif (9825 bytes)

Our Antenna is mounted at the top a 35 foot telephone pole.
Our antenna is made by Cellways Inc.

outside01.gif (13741 bytes) outside02.gif (10452 bytes)

Work crew in the lower left photo above

repeater06.gif (14628 bytes)

Overall View of the Repeater Station.
The Green box in the photos below is an emergency battery charger should we need
it while preforming work on the site.  So far we have not used it as the panels have done
their job very well. 

repeater01.gif (13858 bytes) repeater04.gif (13787 bytes)
repeater02.gif (13887 bytes) repeater05.gif (13553 bytes)

The Actual Layout of the equipment of this repeater site.

The equipment sits atop of the duplexer which is housed in the lower part of the cabinet.
The battery bank is in front of the duplexers and are enclosed in a seperate cabinate.

rep-equip.gif (8876 bytes) rep-equip2.gif (8608 bytes)

The KF4JVI Repeater equipment consist of the following equipment:
Yaseu - Vertex 2 meter repeater
S-Com V7 Repeater Controller
2 pair duplexers ~ 2 tx and 2 rx
4 batteries at 220 amp hours sealed gel packs.
Solar Controller assembly
Overkill on lightning protection
Green Box is Backup / standby power if necessary - so far not required.

repeater06.gif (14628 bytes)

The Complete Solar Powered Repeater Station.