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The Saluda Grade
Steepest Standard Gauge Main Line Railroad Grade In The USA

This is a scan of an actual litho print - by M. V. Kotowski April 1985

From Trains Magazine September 2010
Preservation Department by Jim Wrinn
Reprint of the complete article.

Back Into The Fire
Norfolk Southern charts a new course for a steam program
with Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum


On April 2, 2003
The rails have been cut in Landrum and Saluda.
This is the first step in abandoning the rail line by the NS Railroad.

Pictures of the act of abandoning the rails

Pictures of the Melrose Switch Yard as of 2013 is sad


The Carolina Heritage Line had tried to put in a passenger
service train between Spartanburg and Asheville which
would travel both ways - up and down the grade.
This has now failed as Norfolk Southern said flatly NO

Norfolk Southern Pulls Plug on the Saluda Grade
No More Trains up and down the grade for a while!
Maybe forever!

Read all about it here.

Greer News Paper Published this article
about the grade.  Very interesting reading.

Read all about it here.





Concerning all pictures featured in this web page. 

ALL pictures either belong to Robin Michael in Tryon, NC
and web site or the original publishers. 

As such this is to inform you that all pictures have copyrights involved.

Camera Information
All personal pictures are either taken on a Olympus OM-2A with a number of lenses
of various focal lengths, on a Kodak Digital Zoom, Model 210 camera with
a 40 meg memory card holding up to 175 photos in HiRes.

Later on pictures were taken with a Canon 5d MK 2 with several lenses

I will be adding a lot more pictures and text
as it becomes available to me.  Please check
back often for the updates or new arrow.

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Most all of the pictures shown are in Thumb Format.
When you click on these thumb prints,
you will open a new window and have a
full size print with text about this print.

I have now included several video shows as well.

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Looking down Safety Track No. 2 at the foot of the steepest part of the Saluda Grade.
This safety track is now totally overgrown with fairly large trees and most of the
ties are totally rotten.  In a number of areas the spikes holding the rail are on their side.


Tidbits and History of the Saluda Grade

As Published by Bob Loehne of American AltaVista


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Last run of the 611 on the Saluda Grade

The Last run of the 611 Steam Excursion up Saluda Grade.  Please click on the pictures
for a larger version.  These are personal photos that I took at both locations.  By the way
when train chasing, one of the best ways to do it is from a motorcycle.  Traffic does not
slow you down when it is stopped!  Just worm your way through and you are on the way
to the next photo opt!


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Track Map for the Saluda Grade

The track map of the Saluda Grade starting just south of Tryon, North Carolina and going
just north of Saluda, North Carolina (Polk / Henderson County Line) are included in this
section.  This set of maps were reduced for down load size but the original scans are over
16 gigs each, being done at 300 dpi. These files are quite large and will take some time to
download to your computer.  Use the plans to do a model layout of the Saluda Grade.



Since the Saluda Grade is here in Polk County, North Carolina, and this is the Polk County Web Page, we have take the time to make this fantastic story of the Saluda Grade available to all who may or may not be train buffs.  This history lesson is really quite good!  This was the main passenger line with up to 4 passenger trains each way each day.  As time went by this rail line became nothing but a freight line.  Until the end of the passenger service, add the freight trains to the total train count and you had a lot of traffic on this line.   Please feel free to read all about it.

Trains Magazine did a fine major article in November 1984 Issue on the Saluda Grade.  Since this is no longer available in print - we have scanned it in hires PDF format.


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Trains Magazine Nov 84 Saluda Grade
 (PDF File Size 4.269 K)



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Town of Tryon Railroad Pictures

This is the beginning of the climb to Saluda.  Tryon, NC was considered the bottom
of the grade with Melrose in the middle and the steepest part of the grade and Saluda at the
top of the mountain.  Each town had many siding for trains to pass on or park
and unload their cargo.  While Tryon never was a marshaling yard it still had to hold trains
 pending track conditions and congestion at Melrose.


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Melrose Switch Yard Pictures

Pictures detailing some of the interesting areas as they now appear on the
Saluda Grade.  Most of the action happened in Melrose near the Safety Track
No. 2.   As such we have a collection of pictures on the link below that will
allow you to see the area.  All thumb prints will call a larger picture and text.
We will be adding pictures from 2012 to this collection taken in 1992.

Melrose is at the bottom of the grade and as such the trains were split up
to make it up to the top.  During the early days they kept additional
steam engines on hand to act as pushers at the end of the train so that
the trains could make it up the grade to Saluda NC. 


Dcp00301s.jpg (3779 bytes)

Town of Saluda Railroad Pictures

Saluda Switch and the top of the grade. Saluda is where all trains were split up
or reassembled to go up or down the mountain. Pictures are of the trains that
have a mandatory stop here prior to going down the grade. Keep in mind that
the unit coal trains were NOT split up to go down the grade. Also these trains
had radio controlled engines attached to the rear of the train to act as either
pushers or used for dynamic braking of the the train as it descended the grade.



The Saluda Railroad Station and link to the City of Saluda


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A note about Flash and Streaming.  Depending on your ISP's speed, the video
player may go into the buffer mode.  If this happens, then the ISP speed is to slow for
proper Flash Streaming.  Instead, simply allow the video to download and buffer.
When you see the >> "play this video again" << click on yes or that spot - depending
on what browser you are using.  I hope that you enjoy them and there is music as well.

The Norfolk & Southern's 1218 excursion's stop in Spartanburg SC - 12 mins.

Pictures I took of the NS-611 last run up Saluda Mountain - 15 mins.

Several rail fan trips that came through Tryon in route to Asheville NC - 10 mins.

Equipment that the Rail Gang uses to maintain the rails - 16 mins.

Spencer yards in 2002 a tour of the site -  15 mins.

Some videos that I put together from pictures of various trains or equipment that was
on the Saluda Grade over the years.  Keep in mind that the rails are still cut just below
Landrum, SC.  The area that is no longer in used starts just south of Landrum SC
and goes to just south of Hendersonville NC. This part of the NS line from Spartanburg SC
to Asheville NC is now rail banked with no date announced to re-open the line.  Word is that
once the new sea / shipping port is finished in Charleston SC, then this part of the line would be
re-opened for coal trains. Purpose for this would be to run full coal trains down via Old Fort, NC
and empty coal trains up Saluda grade since the track at Old Fort to Asheville is all single track
and has a lesser grade allowing for the trains to remain coupled thus saving time and money.

This list of videos will continue to grow as I am able to build more videos.  It is much easier
than putting a bunch of formatted pictures on the web.   Also the hosting site is much happier!


Railroad Head Quarters of NS and CSX / Clinchfield

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Visit Norfolk Southern Headquarters

Also found in this area is CSX line
CSX bought the Clinchfield Line

Some links to Southern Railway Sites on the net.

Train Tours


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