All patches that were given out from the first patch in
1979 ~ 1983 are exactly the same except for the year on the patch. 
NO record keeping was done as to who rode or what time they finished in.
John Bryan stated that the total number of rider started out as 3 and on
 the second try was about 10. Then the numbers increased up to several
hundred as the time went on.  It was decided in 1979 that a patch
would be made for each year to give to the finishers. All these early patches
were provided by John Bryan, founder of this event.

The above patch was the First Patch
for the Assault On Mt. Mitchell
Commissioned by John Bryan.

A note about the records keeping.


In 1986 I was asked by John Bryan if I could go to Mary Black Hospital and get the ride records
as the hospital had decided that they could no longer not keep the records any more.  No reason
was ever given for this change. This occurred approximately 4 weeks before the 1986 event.
I had to get the database from a Cobalt Based CPU. Then it had to be convert into Dbase on a PC.
I then carried all of the registration and results until mid 2000's on my computer. After which
John Bryan and his son took over and provided the results to me. The original database carried
all the riders in a single list with each years new riders being added and the times and placement
then added for that year. 

According to the Freewheelers of Spartanburg Bicycle Club, the Mt. Mitchell State Park refused to
allow the Assaults Event to keep any records of the finishing order or times for 2002 and 2003. 
The reason given by the State Park Rangers was that this was NOT a race but a challenge event,
you the rider against the mountain.  The park service soon discovered that they had no idea of
the number of the riders still left on the course. They then decided to allow the records keeping
to resume.  The patch for each year is included with the years result below.

No Results for 1984 and years prior were kept.
Scan of this patch sent in by: Mark Garrett

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